The area of litigation can cover many aspects of legal proceedings. If you suffered a traffic accident or a personal injury you may for example enter litigation for the purposes of claiming compensation or other damages that you may be entitled to claim for.

We can also include mediation and arbitration between two parties or a single person and an organisation. The litigation process can be at times complicated and cumbersome and that is why if you are involved in any type of litigation, you should have a lawyer acting on your behalf.

At Kelly Hoban, we are extremely experienced in the litigation process in Ireland and are able to provide professional advice to our clients at all stages of litigation.

As well as the most common areas of litigation that we have mentioned above, we also have experience of dealing with litigation in the areas of medical negligence, debt collection, consumer law and property disputes.

We also offer advice in relation to litigation cases in the Circuit Court and High Court. So, whatever your personal circumstances we are confident that we can act on your behalf to very highest of legal standards.

“In Contentious Business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award settlement”

We at Kelly Hoban appreciate that for some people this can be a difficult and challenging time for them both personally and professional. That is why we handle all enquires with the utmost discretion and will work on your behalf to come to a dignified and satisfactory outcome to your case.

Whatever the problems you are experiencing in your job, if you trust us to do ours, we will guide and advise you through the whole legal process in a transparent and professional manner.

Even if you are unsure if you have a legitimate grievance or legal grounds for a case, contact us today and we would be happy to go over the specific details of your case with you.